Minerva Marketing Projects is the operating name of me, Claire Sutton, freelance Marketer.  I have over thirty years marketing experience, more than a decade of which as a Chartered Marketer and CIM member.  My experience has been in a variety of businesses – from charities to commercial enterprises, variously with 1 employee to over 500. 

I took the decision to go freelance early in 2017 and haven’t regretted it for a minute!  The years since then have brought me some wonderful clients, large and small, given me opportunities to get involved in really interesting projects and – I’ll be honest – taught me so much which I can use for myself and other clients.  (It’s surprising how often writing a blog for one client sparks the idea for a social media post for another in an entirely unrelated industry!)  The majority of my clients are ‘solopreneurs’, enthusiastic individuals with a passion for what they do.  That frequently makes me a sounding block for business decisions and it is a pleasure and privilege to be able share my experience with them.

I intentionally don’t call myself a ‘Marketing Consultant’ but prefer ‘Marketing Practitioner’ .  Although strategy and planning are a really important part of marketing, I much prefer to get ‘stuck in’ to a task than stand and watch.

Why Minerva?

Depending on your source*, the Roman Goddess Minerva is cited as the goddess of wisdom, presiding over intellectual and academic activity, and the patroness of arts and crafts and of commerce. Through her association with the Ancient Greek Athena, she is a warrior-goddess. In her guise as Minerva Medica, she is Minerva the healer, also reflected in her combination with a Celtic goddess as Sulis Minerva (if you’ve ever visited the Roman baths at Bath).

How much further did I need to look for inspiration for a freelance Marketer?

If you’re also thinking that you have heard the name Minerva in a more recent context, I refer you to Harry Potter and the ‘sparky’ Professor Minerva McGonagall (played so wonderfully in the films by theatrical treasure, Dame Maggie Smith). A happy coincidence!

The photograph that has become the image of Minerva Marketing – shown on our contact page – is actually a ‘holiday snap’ I took in April 2016 whilst visiting the Palladian delights of Holkham Hall in Norfolk, family seat of the Earls of Leicester (and a familiar name to anyone who studied the agricultural revolution).

They have a perhaps the most complete collection of classical statuary in a private house in Britain, comprising a wide range of Roman statues, sculpted between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD. This particular Goddess caught my eye and, although not specifically named as Minerva, I like to think that is who the sculptor was imagining when he created her.


*My source is a bookshelf copy of “The Penguin Dictionary of Classical Mythology” Pierre Grimal, Penguin Books (1991 Edition)

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Telephone: 07957 288112
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c/o David Gamblin, Chartered Accountant, 71 The Hundred, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 8BZ

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