Do you encourage your staff to have a LinkedIn profile?  There are several good reasons why you should.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room right off the bat: just because your staff start using LinkedIn (or update their profile) don’t assume they’re looking for a new job! Yes, some people do find jobs through this particular social network, but it is used for lots of other things too.  As their employer, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks.

1. Showcasing their expertise casts your organisation in a positive light

In today’s world, any potential client is likely to search for you on LinkedIn – or Google, in which case LinkedIn profiles will show up in the search results. Having your staff with an active presence on LinkedIn gives those potential clients the opportunity to see who they would be working with. It makes you more approachable and shows off your collective expertise and experience.

2. Your staff can help improve your brand awareness

LinkedIn is a great channel for sharing and producing content.  If you and your staff share content that is relevant to your industry, clients and prospects, it will help position you as a thought leader in your markets. You’ll become known as the brand with the expertise and the go-to resource for information.

3. By being connected, you can stay on top of industry trends

Another popular type of content shared on LinkedIn is industry trends. Using the platform for this type of content allows you and your organisation to stay up to date on what is relevant. Connect with your colleagues and your company page to easily share this information with your teams.

4. Apparently, LinkedIn can even increase your productivity

OK, so no one wants to tell their staff (even implicitly!) that they should be working harder so we’ve left this point until last, but they do say that LinkedIn can increase productivity.  It is true that professional groups and connections will often share useful tips, articles and templates so it is possible that being connected could help your organisation work smarter, not just harder.

Finally, of course, you should be leading by example, so get on to LinkedIn (or dust off your old profile) and encourage your colleagues to do the same.  You will all see the benefits.

Try the LinkedIn HelpCentre to get started….