One of the biggest challenges when starting any new venture is working out if there is a viable market for your skills or what you want to sell.  The next challenge is working out – if there is the market – how to reach them.
The same challenges are equally applicable if you need to refocus or rebrand an existing business.

That’s where Minerva Marketing can help. We can create an easy to use marketing strategy and marketing communications plan tailored to your business.  These will include suggestions on how you brand and pitch your business and some practical suggestions to get your presence noticed.

We are pleased to recommend The Print Lady who has developed a Start-Up pack to cover all your fledgling business’ stationery needs.  Click here to visit their website for further details.

What’s in the Marketing Start-Up pack?

Following an initial meeting with you (in person or online), we will then produce two key reports:

  • Outline marketing strategy report, to include recommendations on your business USP, brand and corporate tone advice, and marketing channel recommendations
  • Outline marketing communications plan (to cover 3-6 months, as appropriate to your business)

Presented as electronic documents.

Get both for £150 (no VAT).

Need further marketing support?

We have also developed some optional add on packages that can be bespoked to suit your needs.  We suggest the following:

  • Get you started with content: 2 articles/blogs and associated social media draft posts – £100
  • Set-up social media accounts for you – from £100, depending on the number of accounts required
  • Competitor and market place analysis report – from £250
  • Help writing your website content – from £150, depending on the number of pages required

Don’t wait – book now!

All work begins with an initial conversation to understand your business objectives.  Contact us now to arrange that on:

or call 07957 288112

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